Omega Network Set To Launch On 5 Exchanges With A Value Up To $5

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4 min readJun 15, 2023

Omega Network already has over 2.9 million users world wide and is now launching on five big exchanges!


What Is The Omega Network?

The Omega Network mines cryptocurrency off your phone using no battery power or data and only requires an internet connection to mine and best of all its complete.

The Omega network has been around for a while and has a much more simplified KYC system than many of the other mobile mining apps, with a photo verification and liveness check.

Users are encouraged to get people signed up including friends and family to the program, same as with Pi Network and you can earn more over time with the program recently hitting over 35 Million registered users.

Mining cryptocurrency on your phone has always been quite the thing since the invention of the Pi Network three years ago, however that has now changed with the launch of the Omega Network, another FREE mining software for your mobile phone!

How Can You Join The Omega Network?

You can CLICK HERE to download the app and remember that the Omega core team will never ask you for any information regarding your account or password and the app can be linked to Facebook so if you loose your phone, funds can still be accessed.

An invite code is required to join the network and you can use my code which is Vidello and remember, the more people you invite, the more Omega you can earn!

The best way to join Omega Network is to download the app and install it on your phone which is completely free.

Remember that OMEGA NETWORK is launching on several verified crypto exchanges over the next few weeks and is now considered to be a verified project among its 35 million user-base.

Key Information For The Omega Network

Key Features of the network include -

- Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery

- Secure, non-counterfeit-able and interoperable digital money

- The Pi App, available on both Google Play and App Store

- The Pi Node with Access to the Pi App from your computer

- Easy to use security at scale, without the electrical waste.

Remember, the Omega Network is FREE TO JOIN and you will make profit even if you mine just 1 coin!

Does The Omega Network Have Any Exchanges?

YES! Five exchanges have announced that they will be launching OM Network in the next couple of weeks is all goes to plan.

The official exchanges to be listing Omega Network are ByBit, MEXC, Kucoin, OKX and with trading beginning at 10am (UTC) on the 16th June across all exchanges on the OMN/USDT trading pair.

The company only recently raised a considerable amount of money with a sale of coins, aiming for over $300,000 raised.

Both all five exchanges are set to list the coins and it is expected that with OM Network so hard to mine, the price of these coins will be considerable and OKX issued a statement on their listing;

OKX is proud to announce that deposits for OMN, the token that fuels the Omega Network — a decentralized social platform and crypto mining app — are now enabled, with trading via the OMN/USDT spot pair set to begin on June 16 at 10:00 (UTC). With the listing of OMN on its spot market, OKX users can soon trade OMN against USDT.

How Much Is Omega Network Expected To Be Worth?

Omega Network has been valued at anywhere between $0.04 and $5 with the launch expected to take place this week, please note that you should do your own research.


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Please note that all information in this article is up to date, nothing is financial advice and you must do your own research if you EVER invest in any cryptocurrency.

The Om Network launch is always subject to change and it is up to the relative cryptocurrency exchanges to decide what time and date they launch this coin.



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