Top 50 Most Dangerous And Secure Prisons In The World

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24 min readApr 11, 2023

From one of Russia’s most secure and feared prisons, to a prison that has been described simply as hell on earth and even the most feared Evin Prison in Iran, welcome to the top 50 most dangerous prisons in the world.

50 — Devil’s Island

Located over 40 meters above sea level on a remote island off the coast of French Guiana, this prison was a dumping ground for those opposing Napoleon III’s coup d’état.

Filled with a variety of various deadly tropical diseases, thanks mainly to limited sanitary systems and a prolific mosquito infestation that wiped out much of the prison population.

France was a harsh place to receive a prison sentence in the late 19th century and those with more than eight years were doomed to remain on the island for the rest of their lives, mainly due to the extreme living conditions.

While Devil’s island was mainly reserved for hardened criminals such as murderers and thieves, some women were also deported to the island in an attempt to keep the population sustainable.

Incredibly, the island was still operating in 1938, however by 1953, it was closed and any remaining prisoners were returned to…



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