Welcome to Vidello Productions on Medium! Vidello was created in October 2011 and has been publishing content to the internet ever since.

Thanks for visiting us and check out some of the info on our channel below! What do we create? Vidello Productions creates "top list content" and "list videos", specifically on the super-rich including millionaires and billionaires including people like Bill Gates.

We also created top lists on other content, whatever is taking our fancy or popular at the time. How do we create our content? Our list videos feature 100% original content that includes handwritten content and commentary that is displayed both in the video and is published here on Medium, live on our website and over at Rumble. What's covered? We cover the net-worths of the people we research, however this changes from time to time and is usually updated every year with a new video. I like the music where do you get it? We use most of our music (which is underneath the commentary) from the YouTube Channel, Non-Copyright Sounds (NCS) who allow user's across the platform to use it in their videos, similar to the YouTube Music Library.

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Vidello Productions

Vidello Productions creats short and feature-length top list articles, including top 10, top 25 and top 50's. We also feature videos from our YouTube Channel.